Antoine Mundanda ‎– Mabele Ya Paulo / Mwana Aboyi Mama (Ngoma 1378)


Ngoma was one of the first record labels intended to provide local African music to the people of Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). It was the leading label throughout the 1950s, with a catalogue of more than 2160 78 rpm records. It was active until 1968.

The name Ngoma came from the Kikongo word for drum. The label was founded in 1948, in Léopoldville (now Kinshasa) by the Greek businessman Nicolas Jéronimidis. Its catalog included many known artists at that time including Camille Feruzi, who is said to have popularized rumba during the 1930s, Antoine Wendo Kolosoy, one of the biggest names of all-time in Congolese music, Manuel d’Oliveira, Léon Bukasa, Antoine Mundanda, Paul Mwanga, Albert Luampasi …

Antoine Mundanda
was a master likembe player (Congolese ‘thumb piano’). In the early 50s he formed Likembe Geant, a group dedicated to combining then contemporary dance mundandarhythms (the polka, the djebola, the rumba) with traditional Congolese likembe music. They became highly successful within the local music scene, releasing over 30 albums and packing out bars and clubs whenever they played.

This 78 rpm record by Mundanda, accompanied by the Groupe Rythmique Ngoma, came out in 1953 (or 54?).

mundandaA bewerkt mundandaB bewerkt

Sources: Wikipedia, Afrodisc, Rumba on the River: A History of the Popular Music of the Two Congos, Allmusic, Satyr78curiosa, Africine). 

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Trio Beros – Bana Conga / Mambo La Roffia (Esengo 101)

Editions Esengo was a recording studio and label founded in 1956, by the Greek businessman Constantin “Dino” Antonopoulos. The label was in based in Léopoldville (now Kinshasa), in Belgian Congo (now Democratic Republic of the Congo). Esengo is taken from the Lingala language, and is the word for “happiness” or “joy”.

Henri BowaneAntonopoulos established the enterprise by purchasing material from the defunct Opika record label, and recruiting Loningisa guitarist and composer Henri Bowane to be artistic director of the firm. The departure of Henri Bowane from Loningisa (more info and audio here) was a big blow, because he took with him a large number of musicians, including Jean Serge Essous, Philippe “Rossignol” Lando, Saturnin Pandi, Liengo Honoré, Augustin Moniania “Roitelet”.

essous landoHenri Bowane,  Jean Serge Essous and Philippe Rossignol Lando would initially form the
Trio “Beros”
to accompany other excellent musicians like Eugene Ngoy “Gogène”,
Leon Nzambe “Sathan”, Alphonse Epayo, Maproco, and Marie Isidore Diaboua “Liengo.” In the milieu of the Rumba, the Trio “Beros” laid the foundation with many titles that have arrangements whose construction demonstrated a strong desire to think outside the box.

On these two recordings, Trio Beros accompanies Eugene Ngoy.

trio berosA bewerkttrio berosB bewerkt

Sources:  Wikipedia, Rumba on the River: A History of the Popular Music of the Two Congos, Muzikifan, Congo’s first Guitar God: Henri Bowane.

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Jazz Me Autumn Blues

16 smooth jazz tracks with a melancholy undertone, to fit that autumn mood!

Tracklist & info

  1. Sidney Bechet & Claude Luter Et Son Orchestre – Bechet’s Creole Blues
    Recorded in Paris, October 14, 1949.
    Issued on Vogue V 5014.
  2. The Casa Loma Orchestra – Woodland Symphony
    Recorded in Los Angeles, May 27, 1941.
    Issued on Decca 3875.
    Audio transfer made from a UK Decca BM 03233.
  3. Jimmie Lunceford And His Orchestra – Mood Indigo
    Recorded in NYC, September 4, 1934.
    Issued on Decca 131.
    Audio transfer made from a UK Decca 02686.
  4. Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
    Recorded in NYC, March 5, 1929.
    Issued on Okeh 8669, as “Louis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five”
    Lonnie Johnson on guitar!
    Audio transfer made from a UK Parlophone R 753.
  5. Bob Crosby And His Orchestra – Blue Surreal
    Recorded in Los Angeles, February 17, 1942.
    Issued on Decca 4415.
    Audio transfer made from a Decca BM 03664.
  6. Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra – Caravan
    Recorded in New York, Aug. 18, 1937.
    Issued on His Master’s Voice ‎– B.8632
  7. Alix Combelle Et Le Jazz De Paris – Verlaine
    Recorded in Paris, January 31, 1941.
    Issued on Swing SW. 105.
    With, among others, Joseph Reinhardt on guitar, Alix Combelle and Hubert Rostaing on tenor saxophone, Aimé Barelli on Trumpet.
  8. Count Basie And His Rhythm – Shine On Harvest Moon
    Recorded in New York, May 21, 1947.
    Issued on RCA Victor 20-2694.
    Audio transfer made from a UK His Master’s Voice J.O.93.
  9. Coleman Hawkins – Lost In A Fog
    Recorded in London, November 18, 1934.
    Issued on Parlophone R 2041.
    Stanley Black on piano.
  10. Pete Johnson And His Boogie Woogie Boys – Lovin’ Mama Blues
    Recorded in NYC, June 30, 1939.
    Issued on Vocalion 5186.
    Joe Turner on vocals.
    Audio transfer made from a UK Parlophone R 2947
  11. Johnny Hodges And Orchestra – Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
    Recorded in Hollywood, July 3, 1941.
    Issued on Bluebird B-11447.
    Duke Ellington on piano!
    Audio transfer made from a UK His Master’s Voice B.9283.
  12. Jelly Roll Morton’s New Orleans Jazzmen – I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say
    Recorded in New York, September 14, 1939.
    Issued on Bluebird B-10434.
    With, among others, Sidney Bechet on soprano saxophone.
    Audio transfer from a UK His Master’s Voice B.9216.
  13. Duke Ellington And His Cotton Club Orchestra – The Mooche
    Recorded in New York, October 17, 1928.
    Issued on Brunswick 4122.
    With, among others, Johnny Hodges on alto saxophone.
    Audio transfer from a French Brunswick ‎A 500.190.
  14. Benny Goodman And His Sextet – As Long As I Live
    Recorded in New York, November 7, 1940.
    Issued on Columbia 36723.
    With, among others, Count Basie on piano, Cootie Williams on trumpet.
    Audio transfer made from a Dutch Columbia DCH 301.
  15. Freddy Gardner And His Swing Orchestra – Limehouse Blues
    Recorded in NYC, December 1937.
    Issued on Rex R2538.
    Audio transfer from a Dutch Kristal 21704.
  16. The Quintette Of The Hot Club Of France – Solitude
    Recorded in Paris, April 21, 1937.
    Issued on His Master’s Voice B.8669.
    With Stéphane Grappelli (violin), Django Reinhardt (guitar solo), Pierre “Baro” Ferret (guitar), Marcel Bianchi (guitar), Louis Vola (bass).
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Bal Du Rythme – Belgium At 78 RPM

This new playlist is devoted to Belgian artists, or artists who have strong roots in Belgium.
You will hear gipsy jazz, swing, dixie, big band, musette,… These tracks have been transferred straight from original 78 rpm records. The sound quality depends on condition and era of production. The records on the Belgian label Rythme released during WWII, for example, are not of the same quality soundwise as, let’s say, records pressed for Decca in the 1950s. But they hold some great music and should not be omitted.


1. Gus Viseur’s Music – Daphne (Swing ‎– SW. 60, 1938)
-> With Pierre, Jean and Challain Ferret on guitars.
-> Info on Gus Viseur: wiki & Keep (it) Swinging (in Dutch).

2. Chas Dolne’s Swingtette – Runnin’ Wild (Decca ‎– 9011, 1941)
-> With David Bee on harp.

3. Django Reinhardt & Stan Brenders Et Son Grand Orchestre De Danse – Django Rag (Rythme  ‎– D 5025, 1942)
-> Django Reinhardt: wiki
-> Stan Brenders: jazz in Belgium

4. Hubert Rostaing & Stan Brenders Et Son Grande Orchestre De Danse – Bal Du Rythme (Rythme ‎– D 5022, 1942)
-> Stan Brenders: jazz in Belgium
-> Hubert Rostaing was a French clarinetist and tenor saxophonist: wiki (in English) & wiki (in French)

5. Robert De Kers Et Ses Vibraswingers – Plus Swing SVP (Decca ‎– 8736, 1941)
-> Some info on De Kers here (in dutch) & here (in English)

6. Albert De Cock Et Son Orchestre – Pietje Swing’s Verjaardag (Jazz Club ‎– 4226)

7. Jeff De Boeck And His Rick And Tickers – Blauwe Ogen (Omega ‎– 22.208, 1954)

8. Billy Desmedt – My Yiddishe Momme (Decca ‎– 21.540, 1951)
-> with Toots Thielemans on harmonica: wiki

9. The Bob Shots – Pastel Blue (Nixa ‎– BY.1172, 1949)
-> That 78s Show

10. Rudy Bruder – Gershwin Souvenir (Victory ‎– 9008)

11. Jean Wiener & Clément Doucet – Piccadilly Strut (Columbia ‎– 4859, 1928)
-> Jean Wiener was a French pianist and composer: wiki
-> Clément Doucet was a Belgian pianist: wiki

12. Gus Deloof Et Son Orchestre Dixieland – Bouncin’ Around (Decca ‎– 9033, 1941)
-> Info on Gus Deloof here and here (both in Dutch)

13. Albert Langue And The Dixie Stompers – Clarinet Marmelade (Victory ‎– 11070, 1957)
-> Info on Albert Langue: here (in French)


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Playlist: Bop Mountain

A new playlist: 9 awesome jazz tracks!

Kai Winding Sextette – A Night On Bop Mountain (Melodisc  ‎– 1117, rec. 1949)
Charlie Parker’s New Stars – Stupendous (Parlophone ‎– R.3142, rec. 1947)
Metronome All Stars – Leap Here (Capitol Records ‎– 15039, rec. 1947)
The Bob Shots – Boppin’ For Haig (Nixa ‎– BY.1172, rec. 1949)
Tempo Jazz Men – Diggin’ For Diz (Blue Star ‎– B.S. N 60, rec. 1946)
Lennie Tristano Sextette – Crosscurrent (Capitol Records ‎– 57-60003, rec. 1949)
Wardell Gray Quartet – Easy Living (Melodisc ‎– 1128, rec. 1949)
Johnny Hodges & His Orchestra Home Town Blues (Swing ‎– SW. 309, rec. 1949)
The Bob Shots – Pastel Blue (Nixa ‎– BY.1172, rec. 1949)

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