Fabriqué en France: SWING

This playlist is dedicated to the Swing record label. All tracks have been transferred from records released on this label. The first half of the playlist has a focus on swing music, the second half shifts to bop. Five tracks feature Django Reinhardt.

was a French record label, founded in 1937 by jazz connoisseur and writer Charles Delaunay. It was the first label in the world that solely focused on releasing jazz records. At the age of 23, Delaunay became chief of the Hot Club de France organization and, together with a few likeminded people, he would make the club world famous. In 1935, in cooperation with Hugues Panassié, the Jazz Hot magazine was published. It was the world’s very first magazine devoted exclusively to jazz.


Advertisement for Swing & Django on a Parisian cinema

Delauney, also a concert promoter, became manager of the newly formed houseband: le Quintette Du Hot Club De France. This group, founded by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, would become world famous.

The first record Swing put out was Coleman Hawkins & His All-Star “Jam” Band, playing “Honeysuckle Rose” and “Crazy Rhythm”. The band consisted, among others, of Coleman Hawkins, Benny Carter, Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli.

By the end of the 1930s, records were released by the Quintette Du Hot Club De France, Mezz Mezzrow, Eddie South, Rex Stewart, Bill Coleman,…


Quintette Du Hot Club De France – Minor’s Swing

After the war, records were released that featured American artists living in France, like Kenny Clarke, Don Byas, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie… French jazz artists were releasing music on Swing as well.

Swing also released records licensed from American labels with artists like Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and Art Pepper.

The Swing label existed until the mid-1950s.


  1. Django Reinhardt Et Son Quintette Du Hot Club De France ‎– Minor Swing
    Label #: SW. 439
    Recorded in Paris for the national French radio RTF (Radiodiffusion-Television Française) on August 29, 1947.
    Personnel: Django Reinhardt & Eugène Vées (guitar), Maurice Meunier (clarinet), Emmanuel Soudieux (bass), André Jourdan (drums).
    –> Django on electric guitar!
  2. Stephane Grappelly Acc. par Django Reinhardt ‎– Baby
    Label #: SW. 199
    Recorded June 30, 1939.
    Personnel: Stephane Grappelly (violin) & Django Reinhardt (guitar).
  3. Gus Viseur’s Music ‎– Automne
    Label #: SW. 60
    Recorded October 20, 1938.
    Personnel: Gus Viseur (accordion), Jean Ferret, Pierre Ferret & Challain Ferret (guitar), Maurice Speileux (bass).
  4. Alix Combelle Et Son Orchestre ‎– Rockabye Basie
    Label #: SW. 73
    Recorded Febrary 20, 1940.
    Personnel: Alix Combelle (tenor saxophone), Django Reinhardt & Joseph Reinhardt (guitar), Guy Paquinet (trombone), Albert Piguilhem, Alex Renard, Philippe Brun & Pierre Allier (trumpet), Charles Lewis (piano), Marceau Sarbib (bass), H.P. Chadel (drums).
  5. Noël Chiboust Et Son Orchestre – Le Sheik
    Label #: SW. 86
    Recorded October 22, 1940.
    Personnel: Noël Chiboust & Alix Combelle (tenor saxophone), Django Reinhardt (guitar), Aimé Barelli (trumpet), Raymond Wraskoff (piano), Max Blanc (alto saxophone), Pierre Fouad (drums), Francis Luca (bass).
  6. Eddie Brunner Et Son Orchestre – In A Little Spanish Town
    Label #: SW. 55
    Recorded June 13, 1938.
    Personnel: Eddie Brunner (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Oscar Alemán (guitar), Bill Coleman (trumpet), Alix Combelle & Noël Chiboust (tenor saxophone), Herman Chittison (piano), Roger Grasset (bass), Tommy Benford (drums).
  7. Coleman Hawkins & His All-Star “Jam” Band – Crazy Rhythm
    Label #: SW. 1
    Recorded April 28, 1937.
    Personnel: Coleman Hawkins & Alix Combelle (tenor saxophone), André Ekyan & Benny Carter (alto saxophone), Django Reinhardt (guitar), Stephane Grappelly (piano), Eugène d’Hellemmes (bass), Tommy Benford (drums).
    –> very first Swing release!
  8. Robert Mavounzy Be-Bopers – Sweet And Bebop
    Label #: 265
    Recorded July 4, 1947.
    Personnel: Robert Mavounzy & Hubert Fol (alto saxophone), Allan Jeffreys (trumpet), Jack Carman (trombone), André Persiany (piano), Emmanuel Soudieux (bass), Benny Bennett (drums).
  9. Be-Bop Minstrels – I’ve Got Be-Bop
    Label #: SW. 278
    Recorded March 17, 1948.
    Personnel: Hubert Fol (alto saxophone), Dave Van Kriedt (tenor saxophone), Dick Collins (trumpet), André Persiany (piano), Georges Hadjo (piano), Kenny Clarke (drums).
  10. Kenny Clarke & His 52nd Street Boys – A La Colette
    Label #: SW. 277
    Recorded March 2, 1948.
    Personnel: Benny Bailey (trumpet), John Brown (alto saxophone), Cecil Payne (baritone saxophone), Ralph Schecroun (piano), Al McKibbon (bass), Kenny Clarke (drums).
  11. Dizzy Gillespie – Tin Tin Daeo
    Label #: SW. 374
    Recorded in Detroit, MI, March 1, 1951, for Dee Gee Records.
    Personnel: Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), John Coltrane (tenor saxophone), Kenny Burrell (guitar), Milt Jackson (vibraphone), Percy Heath (bass), Kansas Fields (drums).
  12. Art Pepper Quartet – Brown Gold
    Label #: SW. 391
    Recorded in Los Angeles, CA, March 4, 1952. Licensed from Discovery Records.
    Personnel: Art Pepper (alto saxophone), Hampton Hawes (piano), Joe Mondragon (bass), Larry Bunker (drums).
  13. The Gerry Mulligan Quartet – Carson City Stage
    Label #: SW. 415
    Recorded for Pacific Jazz Records in Los Angeles, CA., February 24, 1953.
    Personnel: Chet Baker (trumpet), Gerry Mulligan (baritone saxophone), Carson Smith (bass), Larry Bunker (drums).
  14. Charlie Parker Sextet – Schnourphology
    Label #: SW. 382
    Recorded (as “Bird Feathers”) for Dial Records, in NYC, November 4, 1947.
    Personnel: Miles Davis (trumpet), Charlie Parker (alto saxophone), Duke Jordan (piano), Tommy Potter (bass), Max Roach (drums).

Sources: Wikipedia, Keep (it) Swinging, London Jazz CollectorPatrus.

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