Trio Beros – Bana Conga / Mambo La Roffia (Esengo 101)

Editions Esengo was a recording studio and label founded in 1956, by the Greek businessman Constantin “Dino” Antonopoulos. The label was in based in Léopoldville (now Kinshasa), in Belgian Congo (now Democratic Republic of the Congo). Esengo is taken from the Lingala language, and is the word for “happiness” or “joy”.

Henri BowaneAntonopoulos established the enterprise by purchasing material from the defunct Opika record label, and recruiting Loningisa guitarist and composer Henri Bowane to be artistic director of the firm. The departure of Henri Bowane from Loningisa (more info and audio here) was a big blow, because he took with him a large number of musicians, including Jean Serge Essous, Philippe “Rossignol” Lando, Saturnin Pandi, Liengo Honoré, Augustin Moniania “Roitelet”.

essous landoHenri Bowane,  Jean Serge Essous and Philippe Rossignol Lando would initially form the
Trio “Beros”
to accompany other excellent musicians like Eugene Ngoy “Gogène”,
Leon Nzambe “Sathan”, Alphonse Epayo, Maproco, and Marie Isidore Diaboua “Liengo.” In the milieu of the Rumba, the Trio “Beros” laid the foundation with many titles that have arrangements whose construction demonstrated a strong desire to think outside the box.

On these two recordings, Trio Beros accompanies Eugene Ngoy.

trio berosA bewerkttrio berosB bewerkt

Sources:  Wikipedia, Rumba on the River: A History of the Popular Music of the Two Congos, Muzikifan, Congo’s first Guitar God: Henri Bowane.

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