Mokalu Albert – Mama Sophie / Marie Jose (Loningisa N° 106)

This is a rather rare African 78 rpm record. I could not find anything about the artist Mokalu Albert, only that these jazzy rumba sides were recorded in 1953. There is some info on the Loningisa label though.

Loningisa, the name being based on the Lingala word ningisa meaning ‘to shake’ or ‘to move’, was a recording studio and label, based in Léopoldville (now Kinshasa), in Belgian Congo (now Democratic Republic of the Congo). It was founded by two Greek cousins: Athanase & Basile Papadimitriou.

The label began operations in 1950. The record company Sobedi (Societe Belge du Disque), furnished the recording equipment and pressed the records at their factory in Ghent, Belgium.

Loningisa was made famous by the emergence of the African rumba band OK Jazz, whose music became popular, and a big influence on African and Congolese popular music.

Sources: Rumba On The River, Ted Staunton, Wikipedia.

Mokalu Albert side A Mokalu Albert side B

Sleeve 1Sleeve2

Sheet1 Sheet2
Click for larger size images.

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