This playlist features compositions lead by, or featuring great saxophone players.

(as) = alto sax
(bs) = baritone sax
(ts) = tenor sax


  1. Don Byas’ Ree-Boppers – Red Cross
    Blue Star – B.S. N° 28 / Rec. 1947
    Don Byas (ts)
  2. J.J. Johnson All Stars – Teapot
    Melodisc ‎– 1121 / Rec. 1949
    Sonny Stitt (as)
  3. The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Mam’selle
    Vogue Records‎ – V.2206 / Rec. 1951
    Paul Desmond (as)
  4. James Moody Quintet – Oh! Well
    Blue Star‎ – B.S. N° 130 / Rec. 1949
    James Moody (ts)
  5. Lester Young And His Band – These Foolish Things
    Aladdin Records ‎– A 124 / Rec. 1945
    Lester Young (ts)
  6. Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra – Heart-Break Blues
    Parlophone ‎– R 1766 / Rec. 1933
    Coleman Hawkins (ts)
  7. Illinois Jacquet And His Orchestra – Somewhere Along The Way
    Mercury ‎– 89001 / Rec. 1952
    Illinois Jacquet (ts)
  8. Benny Carter Quintet – Street Scene
    Mercury‎ – 89044 / Rec. 1952
    Benny Carter (as)
  9. Arnett Cobb And His Orchestra – Cobb’s Idea
    Jazz Selection ‎– J.S. 519 / Rec. 1947
    Arnett Cobb (ts)
  10. Johnny Hodges And Orchestra – Squaty Roo
    His Master’s Voice ‎– B.9283 / Rec. 1941
    Johnny Hodges (as), Harry Carney (bs)
  11. Lucky Thompson And His Lucky Seven – Boulevard Bounce
    His Master’s Voice‎ – B.9831 / Rec. 1947
    Lucky Thompson (ts), Benny Carter (as), Bob Lawson (bs)
  12. Paul Bascomb And His All Star Band – Coquette
    Vogue Productions ‎– V. 3271 / Rec. 1952
    Paul Bascomb (ts)
  13. Leo Parker’s All Stars – El Sino
    Savoy Records ‎– 912 / Rec. 1947
    Leo Parker (bs), Gene Ammons (ts)
  14. Don Lanphere Quartet – Spider’s Web
    Melodisc ‎– 1121 / Rec. 1949
    Don Lanphere (ts)
  15. Stan Getz Quartet – Strike Up The Band
    Vogue Records – V.2081 / Rec. 1950
    Stan Getz (ts)
  16. Art Pepper Quartet – Surf Ride
    Swing ‎– SW. 392 / Rec. 1952
    Art Pepper (as)
  17. The Gerry Mulligan Quartet – Bernie’s Tune
    Swing ‎– SW. 414 / Rec. 1952
    Gerry Mulligan (bs)
  18. Charlie Parker Quintet – Don’t Blame Me
    Jazz Selection ‎– J.S. 515 / Rec. 1949
    Charlie Parker (as)


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Junco Rhythm

Finally found some time to make a new playlist. This one is a nice mix of straight up blues, rhythm and blues, a bit of rock & roll, some doo wop etc. Great stuff!

Tracklist & info

1. Roosevelt Sykes And His Honeydrippers – Security Blues
Vogue Productions ‎– V. 3270
Recorded August 21, 1952

2. Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five – Junco Partner
Decca ‎– 60.766
Recorded April 30, 1952

3. Lionel Hampton And His Quartet – Hamp’s Salty Blues
Decca ‎– BM 03732
Recorded January 30, 1946

4. Big Bill (Broonzy) – When I Get To Thinkin’
Columbia ‎– 37454
Recorded February 24, 1945

5. Sam Price – Low Down Blues
Decca ‎– 20.123
Recorded in February 1948

6. Fats Waller – Blues
His Master’s Voice ‎– B.8580
Recorded March 31, 1937

7. Amos Easton – Lonesome Trail Blues
Specialty ‎– SP 410
Recorded September 15, 1951

8. Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris And His Orchestra- Good Morning Mr Blues
Jazz Selection ‎– J.S. 619
Recorded December 23, 1947

9. Fats Domino – Blue Monday
London American Recordings ‎– L 589
Recorded March 30, 1955

10. Little Richard And His Band – Lucille
London American Recordings ‎– HL-O.8446
Recorded March 2, 1957

11. “Tennessee” Ernie Ford – Sixteen Tons
Capitol Records ‎– 3262
Recorded September 20, 1955

12. Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Smith And His Cracker-Jacks – Guitar Boogie
MGM Records ‎– MGM.329
Recorded September 1944

13. The Cranes Skiffle Group – The Banana Boat Song
Embassy ‎– WB. 223
Recorded February 1957

14. The Jive Bombers – Bad Boy
Moonglow ‎– 5024
Recorded November 30, 1956

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Fabriqué en France: SWING

This playlist is dedicated to the Swing record label. All tracks have been transferred from records released on this label. The first half of the playlist has a focus on swing music, the second half shifts to bop. Five tracks feature Django Reinhardt.

was a French record label, founded in 1937 by jazz connoisseur and writer Charles Delaunay. It was the first label in the world that solely focused on releasing jazz records. At the age of 23, Delaunay became chief of the Hot Club de France organization and, together with a few likeminded people, he would make the club world famous. In 1935, in cooperation with Hugues Panassié, the Jazz Hot magazine was published. It was the world’s very first magazine devoted exclusively to jazz.


Advertisement for Swing & Django on a Parisian cinema

Delauney, also a concert promoter, became manager of the newly formed houseband: le Quintette Du Hot Club De France. This group, founded by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, would become world famous.

The first record Swing put out was Coleman Hawkins & His All-Star “Jam” Band, playing “Honeysuckle Rose” and “Crazy Rhythm”. The band consisted, among others, of Coleman Hawkins, Benny Carter, Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli.

By the end of the 1930s, records were released by the Quintette Du Hot Club De France, Mezz Mezzrow, Eddie South, Rex Stewart, Bill Coleman,…


Quintette Du Hot Club De France – Minor’s Swing

After the war, records were released that featured American artists living in France, like Kenny Clarke, Don Byas, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie… French jazz artists were releasing music on Swing as well.

Swing also released records licensed from American labels with artists like Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and Art Pepper.

The Swing label existed until the mid-1950s.


  1. Django Reinhardt Et Son Quintette Du Hot Club De France ‎– Minor Swing
    Label #: SW. 439
    Recorded in Paris for the national French radio RTF (Radiodiffusion-Television Française) on August 29, 1947.
    Personnel: Django Reinhardt & Eugène Vées (guitar), Maurice Meunier (clarinet), Emmanuel Soudieux (bass), André Jourdan (drums).
    –> Django on electric guitar!
  2. Stephane Grappelly Acc. par Django Reinhardt ‎– Baby
    Label #: SW. 199
    Recorded June 30, 1939.
    Personnel: Stephane Grappelly (violin) & Django Reinhardt (guitar).
  3. Gus Viseur’s Music ‎– Automne
    Label #: SW. 60
    Recorded October 20, 1938.
    Personnel: Gus Viseur (accordion), Jean Ferret, Pierre Ferret & Challain Ferret (guitar), Maurice Speileux (bass).
  4. Alix Combelle Et Son Orchestre ‎– Rockabye Basie
    Label #: SW. 73
    Recorded Febrary 20, 1940.
    Personnel: Alix Combelle (tenor saxophone), Django Reinhardt & Joseph Reinhardt (guitar), Guy Paquinet (trombone), Albert Piguilhem, Alex Renard, Philippe Brun & Pierre Allier (trumpet), Charles Lewis (piano), Marceau Sarbib (bass), H.P. Chadel (drums).
  5. Noël Chiboust Et Son Orchestre – Le Sheik
    Label #: SW. 86
    Recorded October 22, 1940.
    Personnel: Noël Chiboust & Alix Combelle (tenor saxophone), Django Reinhardt (guitar), Aimé Barelli (trumpet), Raymond Wraskoff (piano), Max Blanc (alto saxophone), Pierre Fouad (drums), Francis Luca (bass).
  6. Eddie Brunner Et Son Orchestre – In A Little Spanish Town
    Label #: SW. 55
    Recorded June 13, 1938.
    Personnel: Eddie Brunner (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Oscar Alemán (guitar), Bill Coleman (trumpet), Alix Combelle & Noël Chiboust (tenor saxophone), Herman Chittison (piano), Roger Grasset (bass), Tommy Benford (drums).
  7. Coleman Hawkins & His All-Star “Jam” Band – Crazy Rhythm
    Label #: SW. 1
    Recorded April 28, 1937.
    Personnel: Coleman Hawkins & Alix Combelle (tenor saxophone), André Ekyan & Benny Carter (alto saxophone), Django Reinhardt (guitar), Stephane Grappelly (piano), Eugène d’Hellemmes (bass), Tommy Benford (drums).
    –> very first Swing release!
  8. Robert Mavounzy Be-Bopers – Sweet And Bebop
    Label #: 265
    Recorded July 4, 1947.
    Personnel: Robert Mavounzy & Hubert Fol (alto saxophone), Allan Jeffreys (trumpet), Jack Carman (trombone), André Persiany (piano), Emmanuel Soudieux (bass), Benny Bennett (drums).
  9. Be-Bop Minstrels – I’ve Got Be-Bop
    Label #: SW. 278
    Recorded March 17, 1948.
    Personnel: Hubert Fol (alto saxophone), Dave Van Kriedt (tenor saxophone), Dick Collins (trumpet), André Persiany (piano), Georges Hadjo (piano), Kenny Clarke (drums).
  10. Kenny Clarke & His 52nd Street Boys – A La Colette
    Label #: SW. 277
    Recorded March 2, 1948.
    Personnel: Benny Bailey (trumpet), John Brown (alto saxophone), Cecil Payne (baritone saxophone), Ralph Schecroun (piano), Al McKibbon (bass), Kenny Clarke (drums).
  11. Dizzy Gillespie – Tin Tin Daeo
    Label #: SW. 374
    Recorded in Detroit, MI, March 1, 1951, for Dee Gee Records.
    Personnel: Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), John Coltrane (tenor saxophone), Kenny Burrell (guitar), Milt Jackson (vibraphone), Percy Heath (bass), Kansas Fields (drums).
  12. Art Pepper Quartet – Brown Gold
    Label #: SW. 391
    Recorded in Los Angeles, CA, March 4, 1952. Licensed from Discovery Records.
    Personnel: Art Pepper (alto saxophone), Hampton Hawes (piano), Joe Mondragon (bass), Larry Bunker (drums).
  13. The Gerry Mulligan Quartet – Carson City Stage
    Label #: SW. 415
    Recorded for Pacific Jazz Records in Los Angeles, CA., February 24, 1953.
    Personnel: Chet Baker (trumpet), Gerry Mulligan (baritone saxophone), Carson Smith (bass), Larry Bunker (drums).
  14. Charlie Parker Sextet – Schnourphology
    Label #: SW. 382
    Recorded (as “Bird Feathers”) for Dial Records, in NYC, November 4, 1947.
    Personnel: Miles Davis (trumpet), Charlie Parker (alto saxophone), Duke Jordan (piano), Tommy Potter (bass), Max Roach (drums).

Sources: Wikipedia, Keep (it) Swinging, London Jazz CollectorPatrus.

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Preachin’ & Moanin’

It’s been a while since we had some preachin’ and moanin’ here, so here’s a short playlist with a mix of some great blues and gospel tracks.

Tracklist & info

  1. Professor Johnson And His Gospel Singers – Give Me Old Time Religion
    Vocalion – V.1013
    Recorded January 31, 1950
  2. Gabriel Brown – Not Now
    Jazz Selection ‎– J.S. 601
    Recorded September 13, 1944 in New York
  3. Lead Belly – Looky, Looky, Yonder / Black Betty / Yallow Women’s Door Bells
    Musicraft – 223
    Recorded April 1, 1939 in New York
  4. John Lee Hooker ‎– Whistlin’ And Moanin’ Blues
    Vogue Productions ‎– V2102
    Recorded in 1949, in Detroit
  5. Reverend “Gatemouth” Moore ‎– The Bible’s Being Fullfilled
    Vogue Productions ‎– V.128
    Recorded in 1949
  6. Blind Lemon Jefferson ‎– Match Box Blues
    Jazz Classics ‎– 511
    Recorded March 14, 1927 in Atlanta
  7. Rev. Kelsey And His Congregation ‎– Little Boy
    MGM Records ‎– MGM.4091
    Recorded in 1948
  8. Big Bill Broonzy ‎– Blues In 1890
    Vogue Records ‎– V 2074
    Recorded September 21, 1951, in Paris, France
  9. Blind Boy Fuller ‎– She’s A Truckin’ Little Baby
    Columbia ‎– 37155
    Recorded October 29, 1938
  10. Mahalia Jackson ‎– I Do, Don’t You?
    Vogue Productions ‎– V. 121
    Recorded February 1950, in New York
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Antoine Mundanda ‎– Mabele Ya Paulo / Mwana Aboyi Mama (Ngoma 1378)


Ngoma was one of the first record labels intended to provide local African music to the people of Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). It was the leading label throughout the 1950s, with a catalogue of more than 2160 78 rpm records. It was active until 1968.

The name Ngoma came from the Kikongo word for drum. The label was founded in 1948, in Léopoldville (now Kinshasa) by the Greek businessman Nicolas Jéronimidis. Its catalog included many known artists at that time including Camille Feruzi, who is said to have popularized rumba during the 1930s, Antoine Wendo Kolosoy, one of the biggest names of all-time in Congolese music, Manuel d’Oliveira, Léon Bukasa, Antoine Mundanda, Paul Mwanga, Albert Luampasi …

Antoine Mundanda
was a master likembe player (Congolese ‘thumb piano’). In the early 50s he formed Likembe Geant, a group dedicated to combining then contemporary dance mundandarhythms (the polka, the djebola, the rumba) with traditional Congolese likembe music. They became highly successful within the local music scene, releasing over 30 albums and packing out bars and clubs whenever they played.

This 78 rpm record by Mundanda, accompanied by the Groupe Rythmique Ngoma, came out in 1953 (or 54?).

mundandaA bewerkt mundandaB bewerkt

Sources: Wikipedia, Afrodisc, Rumba on the River: A History of the Popular Music of the Two Congos, Allmusic, Satyr78curiosa, Africine). 

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